Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’: Album Review

Dua Lipa knows we’re dying to figure her out—it’s made apparent on her album’s title track. While her debut in 2017 was full of funky hits that got stuck in everyone’s heads for a few weeks, her smoky voice didn’t relay who Lipa really is as a person. The main thing that set her apart from everyone else was her versatility.

Future Nostalgia

Three years after her debut, the star has started to live up to her lyrics of being a “female alpha.” The album is extremely fun, ambitious, and cohesive as it tries to find the right place for itself in a world without any open dance clubs in 2020. Somehow, Lipa turned out to be successful—the super upbeat album turned out to be the perfect way to pass the stressful times of that year.

Lead single

“Future Nostalgia” is camp with Daft Punk-inspired funky accents, with smartly delivered yet nonsensical one-liners that seem to make a point that not everyone can get. The lead single of the album, “Don’t Start Now,” became an immense hit around the world. The dance-pop break-up anthem is something that all pop stars attempt to achieve at least one time in their careers. Lipa just made the song even better, using a mix of funk bass and disco strings following the same vein as Donna Summer and Chic.

Honorable mentions

“Hallucinate” is a beautiful, house-inflected song that provides a sense of euphoria to its listeners, and we’re here for all the club remixes that are sure to be made out of it. “Physical” is pretty high-octane, serving us a slice of the Eighties through classic synth-noir styles such as “Sunglasses at Night.” Lipa samples “Need You Tonight” by INXS for “Break My Heart” to give off a truly bewitching effect.

The only failing point of this album is that it’s too strongly tied to 2020’s pop trends. Overall, the album will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time onto a dance floor in Studio 54, where you can have your very own dance party at any time.

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