3 Worst Albums Of All Time

As they say, even the greatests fall sometimes. So, as much as we want our favorite artists to produce music we can love and groove to, they’re bound to mess up at some point. In fact, as they become more popular and expectations rise, the chances of pitfalls increase significantly.

From experiments going wrong to overreaches, it happens to the best of them, but the truly great ones have always managed to recover, while many have called it quits after a single miss.

As an album rating website, we believe in highlighting the music industry's best and worst.

Here are the albums you can skip.

Kanye West’s Jesus Is King

We don’t know if it was the wonderful success of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or the album’s own underwhelming aura, but this was definitely the worst music Kanye West could put out—if we can even call it that.  

While we understand that the artist has a bold vision and likes experimenting, this was rather erratic of him, and a lot of fans were clearly disappointed by the singer’s long-anticipated gospel album. We’re guessing Chick-fil-A metaphors being thrown out parallel to spiritual messages had a lot to do with it.

Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods

It’s been almost 4 years, and it’s still hard to believe that the multi-platinum artist managed to produce a disaster like Man of the Woods. It has been the single most disappointing moment in pop music (okay, maybe we’re being overdramatic).

From electro beats to folksy vibes, the album made just about zero sense from beginning to end. It felt like he was making way too much effort and falling just as hard with every track. And after watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show two days before the album's release, we knew that even Justin knew of the disaster he was about to put out.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation

As a long-standing swiftie, we’ve got to admit that the country queen pushed us to our absolute limits with this one. She’s almost always managed to nail every new musical experience she’s dabbed in, but with “Reputation,” things definitely didn’t go as planned.

From harsh beats that made little melodic sense to pointless collaborations and supposedly narrative-rebuilding songs, the entire album just sounded like a series of rants with zero takeaways moments for fans.

Thankfully, if there’s anyone that can jump right back up after such a musical disaster. It’s Taylor Swift. The country queen turned pop icon has since released plenty of hits, including the latest album, “Evermore.” Check out Taylor Swift’s Evermore review on SpoiledCabagge.com. As one of the best album review sites, we’ve reviewed all the latest and greatest for you!