All You Need To Know About Morgan Wallen

Country music is a dominant genre of the music culture these days—it has a certain way of storytelling and evolving that allows the music to be molded into adapting to current trends. While rock stations keep getting shut down over the past decade, new country stations keep popping up, and we can thank artists like Morgan Wallen for providing us with a fresh angle on country music, making us all feel like it’s the first time that we’ve heard something like it in this generation.

Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about this talented young artist!

He was born in Tennessee, US

Morgan Cole Wallen was born in Sneedville, Tennessee, on May 13th of 1993. Tennessee is probably one of the best places to grow up listening to country music, and many renown country artists have their origins in Nashville, which continues to true till date. While you may not hear the hint of Tennessee every time that Wallen talks, you can definitely hear it in his songs.

He's the son of a pastor

Being a pastor’s son comes with its own set of problems—the pressure of being a church leader’s child throws you into the spotlight from a very young age. Wallen was always there any time that the church was open, and he spent a large portion of his childhood at the holy establishment. This was also the first place where he got introduced to music and started singing in the congregation at the ripe old age of 3.

He dabbled in music lessons

Wallen’s mother took notice of his musical interest—there’s a reason she let him sing in front of a crowded church at 3! Wallen thrived with that experience, adoring the experience of singing on stage. His mom helped him take it all to the next level by getting him violin and piano lessons—he could read music at only 5 years old!


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