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You're Welcome

You're Welcome is the seventh studio album by American rock band A Day to Remember. It was released on March 5, 2021, and is the band's first release under major label Fueled by Ramen after spending six years as an independent band after leaving and the eventual lawsuit against former label Victory Records. The album is also the first new release by the band in five years, marking the longest gap between two albums in their entire career. The album's producers include Colin Brittain, vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, Mike Green, Will Putney, and Dan Book. It was preceded by five singles: "Degenerates", "Resentment", "Mindreader", "Brick Wall", and "Everything We Need". -Wikipedia

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  • Sputnik Music

    By the end of the record I can’t really feel much of anything. There’s more mentions of the word “octanecore” in my listening notes than actual songs on this album (that’s over 14, mind you) and I think ,my brsain is broken at tshi point but man. This is fvckinf bad dude.  

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  • New Noise Magazine

    Overall, You’re Welcome is mostly radio-ready, and that’s not a bad thing. Every year we’re seeing our favorite “underground” bands become more and more commercial. We get it, long term, it’s what they have to do to survive. The key is to make the transition gracefully, a feat A Day To Remember takes another giant step toward with You’re Welcome.  

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  • Melodic Magazine

    All in all, A Day To Remember have a solid album with You’re Welcome. It is heartfelt, it is creative, and above all, it is unapologetic. There are times when the album comes across as a little dated, due to some of its music and themes, but nothing too lackluster. The ride that ADTR take us on is an enjoyable one, and while they might not need to hear a “thank you” for it, I send them one anyway. 

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  • Kill Your Stereo

    I can already tell that I won’t actively listen to them ever again. That I’ll likely forget about them all come end-of-year list time, let alone once this review is published and I move onto the next thing. Quite frankly, this is one of the weakest, laziest, and most boring records I’ve had the very real displeasure of hearing in 2021 thus far.  

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  • The Soundboard

    You’re Welcome is A Day To Remember’s worst album by a country mile, fixed into place by a system that prizes the homogenous rock music that this band have never been a part of. And yet, they’ve still bought into it here, with their most faceless and underwhelming collection of songs to date that might occasionally strike a moment of clarity, but does so on a very, very rare occasion. Even if it’s not quite the disaster that the buildup might’ve implied, it’s not that far off relatively, as one of modern rock’s shining lights has fallen into the sort of tailspin they’ll desperately need to pull out of before it’s too late.  

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  • Metal Trenches

    You're Welcome is the band's 7th studio album and the first from the band in 5 years. This album is... not good.  

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  • Bring the Noise UK

    Overall, You’re Welcome is a fun listen in spite of times when it feels like the band do not know what they want the record to be. You have to applaud A Day To Remember for taking a risk and taking on a new sound, as the record will split opinions and it’s fair to say the album is a mixed bag. It might not be one of ADTR’s greatest records, but it is by no means a bad record.  

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  • 5 Finger Review

    You’re Welcome is a collection of songs that will keep us fans wanting more while enjoying a very safe sound from A Day to Remember.  

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  • Distorted Sound Magazine

    Despite its moments of occasional star power, A DAY TO REMEMBER‘s first run at leaning more heavily on their pop tendencies runs out of steam too often. For the time being, the size of the band’s fan base and live reputation may in fact see them continue to progress. But if true headline status is what they’re chasing, whatever follows this is already A DAY TO REMEMBER‘s most critical album ever.  

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  • Flyer News

    There is a song for everyone on “You’re Welcome,” and I hope that you find your song from this album.  

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  • Kerrang!

    Perhaps You’re Welcome is the ADTR record we need right now, rather than the one we deserve. As exponents of extroverted, high-energy heavy music whose reputation was forged in the live arena, a record with more ballast could have seen them caught cold by the COVID crisis, and 18 years of unstoppable momentum jackknifed to a halt.  

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  • Acta Infernalis

    A Day To Remember has nothing to prove anymore, and the band easily walks down all its musical range. From a groovy and heavy Metalcore to a teenage and soft Pop-Punk, You’re Welcome has both personal songs and motivating tracks, which can sometimes be surprising.  

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  • UNF Spinnaker

    Overall, I like this album. The first time I listened to it I didn’t like it entirely. I’ve followed the band for a while and this is definitely the most out of their comfort zone album they’ve done. I was asking myself, “why didn’t they have heavier songs?”, or “There were almost no breakdowns.” After a bit of listening and research on what the band felt, I came to the conclusion that they wrote it this way because they wanted to. They wrote the music they wanted to write-not to please their audience but for themselves. In these times right now, keeping yourself happy and doing things that you love is more important than ever to maintain a happy life. So I applaud this album and the band for sticking to their guns.  

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  • NME

    a mish-mash of sounds and moany lyrics.  

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  • It's All Dead

    You’re Welcome is an album that may not be what fans had hoped for after such an extensive delay, but it earns its place more with each new listen. Removing the weight of prolonged expectation, it feels reminiscent of the disjointed lovability of What Separates Me From You. Fans of every form of ADTR will find something glamorous here, even if they have to look a little harder than they may have initially hoped.  

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  • Wall of Sound

    You’re Welcome had so much potential for ADTR to deliver new sounds and styles that’d unite fans together. Unfortunately, it comes across like a forced, rush job that is received like an unwanted gift from a passive-aggressive family member who follows it up with “You’re Welcome!” when you’re not quick to show appreciation.  

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  • Riff Magazine

    A Day To Remember push their own musical bounds on You’re Welcome, and it’s likely that fans will welcome the experimentation as well. Those looking for only heavy guitar riffs and screaming aggression may want to look elsewhere, but those willing to take a musical journey will be rewarded. 

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