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Whoosh! is the twenty-first studio album by English rock band Deep Purple, released on 7 August 2020. -Wikipedia

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  • NME

    rockers’ 21st record is stupidly fun and outrageously silly.  

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  • Blabbermouth

    "Whoosh!", a fantastic album from front to back.  

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  • Metal Wani

    By itself ‘Whoosh!’ presents itself as a standard of impeccable musicianship and production quality which is obviously backed by the rich trove of the band’s experiences over the decades.  

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  • ABC News

    Any ensemble still willing and able to emulate its best years shouldn’t call it quits after an album as good as “Whoosh!” -- unless Deep Purple wants to go out on a peak.  

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  • Louder

    confident, mature, and superb.  

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  • BraveWords

    This is an album that will be heard and reckoned with, but once again with this line-up, likely bring the same ol’ gripes and I always welcome those opinions either way.  

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  • Rock and Blues Muse

    Whoosh! is an outstanding new effort from one of rock music’s premier bands. Deep Purple still has a lot to say and is just as viable as it was during its original period. Put this one on and let it blast. 

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  • Cryptic Rock

    Definitely an album which proves how Progressive Deep Purple can be, Whoosh! is certainly one of the more diverse sounding Deep Purple collections. At the core, Whoosh! is very eclectic in the way it combines the right balance between a classic heavy Rock sound and Progressive Rock.  

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  • meaww

    Their sound is, as always, timeless, but rock legends Deep Purple have perfected the art of keeping things fresh. 

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  • Roppongi Rocks

    Overall, despite the band walking into some for them unusual musical neighbourhoods, Deep Purple plays it fairly safe on this album. That is OK for a 52-year-old band that is now nearing the end of its journey.  

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  • National Rock Review

    Having outlasted Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and so many more groups who emerged from the primordial gene pool of late 60s British Heavy Rock, Purple are still flying high on this magisterial final piece of the triptych release.  

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  • Blinded by Sound

    After over 50 years, Deep Purple's love of playing together shines through on Whoosh! With tight playing and excellent vocals, not to mention endless grooves, the band remains as strong as ever. If this proves to be their farewell release, Deep Purple is going out on a high note. 

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  • The Arts Desk

    While Deep Purple are unlikely to be regaining their place in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the globe’s loudest band” at this point in their career, Whoosh! suggests that at least they aren’t aiming to grow old too gracefully just yet.  

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  • The Times

    lacking that glorious heaviness of the early days.  

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  • Vinyl Chapters

    The modern music industry may be in a constant state of change and uncertainty, but the timeless charm of Whoosh!, the newest album by Deep Purple, is proof that great artists can withstand the test of time if they combine vintage with innovation.  

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  • Get Ready to Rock

    No pressure, no expectations, just album of the year so far. Between producer Ezrin and label Ear Music, Deep Purple are in a good place right now.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    Nonetheless, it’s classy, enjoyable, and it’s certainly commendable to see legendary musicians who have nothing to prove, feel the desire to express themselves artistically.  

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  • Palatinate Online

    Time to lay all my cards on the table. I had never listened to any Deep Purple (other than Smoke on the Water) before I first heard this album. I’m certainly no metalhead, but those effortless riffs and thoughtful lyrics will definitely be in one of my Spotify playlists. 

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  • Sonic Perspectives

    “Whoosh!” is chockfull of songs with enough power to challenge that notion and drinks further from Deep Purple’s apparently endless well of creativity.  

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  • Vintage Rock

    Those with a passing fancy of their legacy may have written them off long ago. That’s too bad because the roll they’ve been on since 2013 sees no end in sight. If that doesn’t offer a small glimmer of hope for the rest of us, then nothing else likely will. 

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  • All Music

    Whoosh! is musically superior to its immediate, Ezrin-produced predecessors, but it's more, too: If it's the last album Deep Purple release, it should be remembered as among their best.  

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  • Riff Magazine

    Whoosh! is a success in several different ways. It’s a welcome dose of nostalgia for people who insist “they don’t make music like they used to,” it’s a taste of hard rock’s roots for modern fans without coming across as dated, and most of all, it’s an inspiration to us all. May we all still be rocking in our 70s. 

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  • The Mighty Decibel

    Hey, if Deep Purple keep putting out albums of this calibre and intelligence, they're welcomed to continue to do so into their old age home days. They literally may become toothless, but they sure as hell won't be that way musically.  

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  • Markus' Heavy Music Blog

    Deep Purple’s newest album contains all you can ask for. It’s the typical Deep Purple sound signature providing consistency on which variety shines. These five guys still know how to Rock and it seems they still have a lot of fun in writing and recording stellar Rock music.  

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