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Tim (stylised as TIM) is the posthumous third studio album by Swedish producer Tim Bergling, known by the stage name Avicii, released on 6 June 2019. It is his first album release following his death on 20 April 2018. It includes the single "SOS", which was released on 10 April 2019. It is his third studio album, serving as the follow-up to his 2015 album Stories. All profits from sales of the album will go towards the Tim Bergling Foundation, set up following Avicii's suicide, for mental health awareness. - Wikipedia

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  • Pitchfork

    The Swedish EDM superstar’s posthumous final album purports to reveal Tim Bergling as he’s never been seen, but the scrum of co-writers and guest singers leaves more questions than answers.  

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  • Rolling Stone

    Superstar DJ’s posthumous LP suggests an artist’s struggle in both heart and art.  

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  • NME

    This posthumous release knowingly preaches to the converted, but it ultimately honours his family's wish to keep the late DJ's EDM legacy alive.  

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  • US Magazine

    The beautiful end result is quite possibly the eeriest posthumous album of all time.  

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  • One 37

    The album is extremely vulnerable and doesn’t sugarcoat any of the dark and morose emotions Avicii was feeling during the majority of his mainstream career.  

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  • DJ Magazine

    Avicii’s ‘TIM’ is an anthemic journey out of EDM that demonstrates his artistic legacy. 

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  • The Young Folks

    Tim is the final work by Avicii, a genre-redefining artist never satisfied with playing more of the same material that got him recognized. To the very end, Tim Bergling continued to elevate the genre of electronic music.  

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  • Dancing Astronaut

    TIM evokes the the past artist’s verity in melody, style, and genre, containing carefully selected, unfinished harmonies from collaborators who where close with him.  

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  • Medium

    Tim is a statement from the man himself expressing his love and appreciation for not just his craft, but for the love and devotion for his fans who cared deeply for him.  

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  • SMH

    With posthumous album release, Avicii goes out on top. There is the power of love all over TIM.  

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  • Forbes

    The DJ-turned-pop star was responsible for creating some of the most popular electronic-infused hits of this decade. 

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  • All Music

    A project of love that allows those closest to him to extend his legacy, while giving fans a way to mourn him in a manner he might have preferred: dancing with open arms toward a more hopeful tomorrow.  

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  • AP News

    “TIM” is the culmination of Avicii’s song-based flair that incorporates elements outside EDM. Unlike other DJs, his songs aren’t rushed. He lets them breathe. The predictable tricks his rivals use are absent here. The songs feel organic, not processed. 

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  • We Rave You

    The eclectic collection of the late Swede’s creations is a bittersweet listen for fans across the world. 

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  • The Arts Desk

    It's both eerie and heartbreaking to an extraordinary degree.  

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  • The Times

    An album of “nearly finished songs”.  

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  • Evening Standard

    The music is mostly mid-paced in the tropical house style, bland at times, built for nodding your head to at home rather than losing self-control at a festival. It’s a sad final bow from a man whose career generated a lot of happiness.  

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  • Entertainment Voice

    This album is surprisingly satisfying. 

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  • The Breeze

    A good record has a blend of highs and lows, and Avicii stays with tradition. “TIM” is haunting, masterfully assembled and completely Tim.  

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  • EDM Tunes

    There are no words to describe the beauty of ‘TIM’. 

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  • The Courier Online

    The process has been continued by his collaborators in an attempt to match his vision as closely as possible.  

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