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This One's For You

This One's For You is the debut studio album by American country music singer Luke Combs . It was released on June 2, 2017, through Columbia Nashville. It includes the number-one singles "Hurricane", "When It Rains It Pours", and "One Number Away", as well as "She Got the Best of Me". A deluxe reissue titled This One's for You Too was released June 1, 2018, and featured five new tracks to commemorate the album's first anniversary. - Wikipedia

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  • Sounds Like Nashville

    In each song, you kinda get the feeling that what you’re about to hear is what has been done before – and before – and before. Then, he sings, and I drop any pre-conceived notions that I might have had. 

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  • NPR Music

    Combs strikes a more reverential tone on This One's For You's title track, a red-blooded ballad that serves as a toast to his folks, friends and fans. That sort of expression of gratitude is central to the relationships between country performers and their audiences. And if anybody has what it takes to build a big, broad, generation-spanning audience, it's Combs.  

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  • Country Music Magazine

    Deftly straddling the ground between good ole boy fare and ZZ Top rock, Luke Combs’ impressive debut album goes for broke from first song, Out There, right through to closer, Honky Tonk Highway. Combs co-wrote all the songs and his personality shines through the minutiae of his daily life in each one. 

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  • Wide Open Country

    Overall, Luke Combs really isn’t doing anything unheard of or new. Most of the songs sit in the same range, same tempo and same key. He’s just doing it all really well. 

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  • Eat Play Rock

    If this album is any indication, I think that we will be seeing and hearing a lot from Luke Combs in the coming years. 

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  • AllMusic

    he simmers on "One Number Away," he conjures brokenhearted soul on the title track, and he offers a sweet, spare, backporch love song "I Got Away with You" -- and they're the songs that anchor the record while pointing toward a potentially long career for this singer. 

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  • BUnow

    Overall, the tracks are well-written and well-performed. There will definitely be more to come from Combs. 

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  • Rolling Stone

    New artists’ debut albums are rarely so cohesive, engaging and altogether satisfying. But Combs hits all those marks on This One’s for You, a collection of 12 songs co-written by the North Carolina singer-songwriter. 

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  • Building Our Own Nashville

    I loved this album from the get go. It is engaging, fun, up beat, well written, well produced and country music heaven. 

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  • Tour Bus Entertainment

    American Singer Songwriter Luke Combs has a bright future ahead. I recently sat down to listen to his debut album titled “This One’s For You” and was blown away. 

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  • Your Life In a Song

    There is enough quality on the album for me to think that given the right development and advice, Luke Combs could well go on to become an artist with a strong voice and identity within the genre, he just needs to shake off the ‘Baby-Brantley’, ‘Beard Country’ tag and look deep inside himself and find out what it is that he wants to say beyond ‘I miss you baby’, ‘I like beer’ and ‘small town life rules.’ 

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  • Entertainment Focus

    This One’s For You is a solid debut effort from Combs.  

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  • The Berklee Groove

    “This One’s For You” is the Perfect Country Study Break. 

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  • usacountryuk

    Collectively the album is a huge hit. There is great variety throughout the album, but it all comes together so that the songs seem to fit well one after another. 

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  • CountryHodgePodge

    Luke Combs Hits Like a Hurricane With Debut Album 

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  • Kix Country Music

    Short-circuiting the accepted ‘Ten Year Plan’ to under two years, Combs’ debut album This One’s For You brings rich fruit ripe with potential. 

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  • Six Shooter Country

    This is a brilliant album, and honestly, I find it hard to believe that it’s his debut. He has a soulful, seasoned country voice which is a real standout.  

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  • Frontline Country

    Overall the record is a decent mix of heartache and party songs. Combs shows off his Southern style strong vocals throughout the album.  

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  • The CM Beat

    If you’re a fan of Combs’ and didn’t know what to expect from his debut album, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed but in fact, pleasantly surprised.  

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  • Country Star Music Reviews

    He mixes the two styles together in a way that should cement his standing as one of country music's best young acts. 

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