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Still Over It

Still Over It is the second studio album by American singer Summer Walker, released on November 5, 2021, by LVRN and Interscope. On the two-year anniversary of her debut album, Walker announced the release of Still Over It through a video teaser. The album is accompanied by collaborations from Cardi BCity Girls member JT, SZAAri LennoxLil DurkPharrell WilliamsOmarion, and Ciara, as well as notable producers such as 9th Wonder and The Neptunes. -Wikipedia

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  • Pitchfork

    With her latest album, the singer cements herself as one of R&B’s most relatable storytellers, with an ear for melodrama that becomes monotonous. The best moments capture her soulfulness alongside her fury.  

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  • Rolling Stone

    The breakout R&B singer’s second album is sultry and cathartic, processing bad relationships and new beginnings.  

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  • NME

    flawless follow-up turns relationship problems into R&B gold.  

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  • Breeze TV

    With 20 tracks fully dedicated to break-ups, disrespectful men and heartbreak, Walker has made her own offering into the “Sad Girl Autumn” lexicon. With Walker’s relatable lyrics and buoyant production, however, “Still Over It” is an album that can be enjoyed in any season. 

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  • The Line of Best Fit

    Summer Walker lays her soul bare on star-studded sophomore album Still Over it.  

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  • Clash Magazine

    As the evening comes to a close for this writer, this album serves up Summer Walker’s best work yet. It’s brutal, yet romantic, it’s fun, yet flirty, it’s everything any listener could be wanting. A rollercoaster of emotions and she’s not even finished yet.  

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  • Hot New HipHop

    Still Over It takes listeners on a melodic ride through Summer’s own journey towards healing, which, according to the timeline shared on her tracklist, started back in August of 2019. Like many artists, making music about her suffering seems to be a form of therapy for Walker, allowing her to relive her experiences, tell her story, process her emotions, and maybe even help some listeners in similar situations along the way. 

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  • HipHop DX


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  • Impact

    Overall, ‘Still Over It’ is an improvement upon ‘Over It’, while retaining the elements that made ‘Over It’ so magical and heartfelt. Most notably, the majority of songs on ‘Still Over It’ are over 3 minutes long, allowing emotional songs such as Broken Promises to feel fully fleshed out. The collaborations, once again, are perfect for their retrospective tracks. Summer Walker proves with this powerful album, once again, that she is an R&B powerhouse.  

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  • Ratings Game Music

    Still Over It doesn’t have traditional R&B hits, but I do think that it features a few tracks that will fit nicely on your “I just broke up with my ex” playlist. One thing that Summer does really well on this album is sing dynamically over instrumentals that she can easily have on a leash. She also does an outstanding job at getting very lost in songs, almost sounding like she’s trying to figure her way out of a maze in them. My recommendation to you is to press play on this album and let it take your emotions wherever it choose to go. 

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  • Southern Digest

    If any other evidence is needed to signify the intensity and heartfeltness captured within the 1 hour and 3 minute run of Still Over It, one may look to the album's jaw-dropping reception, projected to sell over 210,000 in its first week. This would make this project the 4th highest selling of 2021, as well as the highest selling R&B project since Beyoncé’s 2016 album Lemonade. With this in mind, it's fair to say this is definitely a body of work worth listening to. And, crying to - so grab your tissues and enjoy. 

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  • The Oarsman

    This album is a big turning point for Summer Walker, because she does more than her usual slow, 90s/2000s vibe of R&B love songs. Her previous album, Over It, consisted of many surface level pop hits, whereas in Still Over It, she becomes open and more emotionally vulnerable in her music. It takes us through the real grittiness of what happened between her and London. 

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  • The Lifestyle

    Last but not least, a body of work that is vocally soothing with words that are sung with shattered heartbreak. With the biggest Female R&B debut of the year, Summer Walker’s second installment to the “Over It” series is taking the music industry by storm. 

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  • Sheesh Media

    Summer Walker’s music is raw, captivating, and magical. She is one of few that has this distinct capability, and talent, of drawing in listeners like no other modern artist can. When she makes music, she doesn’t make it just to produce something. Summer Walker’s music is pure artwork – she is breaking boundaries, changing the game, and earning the heart and devotion of every single loyal listener.  

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  • Music Xclusives

    usically, the album is also a nice improvement from the previous effort. Although London was still involved production-wise on several tracks, Summer was able to snag some legendary producers like The Neptunes and 9th Wonder, alongside OG Parker, Hitmaka, DJ Camper and Nineteen85. Longer albums tend to be too overdrawn and just ready to get it over with already when listening. But with the 20 songs on Still Over It, Summer takes the listeners on an emotional rollercoaster of what a relationship can do to you and getting over the drama to find happiness in the end. 

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  • Stereogum

    Summer Walker’s Fearlessly Vulnerable Still Over It Belongs In The Breakup Album Pantheon. 

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  • Body of Work

    Sonically, the record isn’t as stellar as her predecessor and there are few standout moments that will ensure people keep coming back to listen to the record. It’s understandable that this was an album that developed during a trying time, but I think more effort could have been put into adding more dimension to her songs and creating songs that will stand tall in her discography.  

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  • The Lantern

    Walker proves yet again that she can make quality, relatable music while staying true to herself. This album serves not only as a great follow-up to "Over It", but as an excellent stand-alone project that will likely stay in listener rotations for a long, long time.  

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  • Panther Prowl

    You rarely hear music in this generation that makes you feel emotional. Instead of making music teenagers like to listen to, she puts a lot of work and dedication into her music.  

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  • Exclaim!

    While its subject matter isn't anything unexpected to Walker's fanbase, Still Over It's storytelling arc and risqué production choices add depth to make this collection more than a solid R&B album. Walker's latest is the first step beyond the predilection of her genre.  

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  • Ben's Beat

    Summer Walker did suffer from the sophomore jinx, but luckily, she got all her worst ideas out in the form of an EP and only took a minimal step back when it came to a full body of work. She’s still one of the most engaging vocalists and storytellers in her genre, and we can only imagine that with more life experiences, more great stories are going to come out later.  

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  • Cordavision Records

    Still Over It isn’t a mind-blowing album, but Summer Walker hands out a good amount of highlights to make it worthwhile.  

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