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Son of a Gun

On May 22, 2020, Key Glock released his sixth mixtape, Son of a Gun, again with no features. -Wikipedia

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  • Uproxx

    Son Of A Gun is the boastful proclamation that, as unorthodox as his upbringing was, it’s part of his DNA and the very reason he shines as bright as the string of diamonds that dangle from his neck. 

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  • RapReviews

    "Son of a Gun” is a release I can recommend as a rap fan, but I can’t tell you that Key Glock is portraying a lifestyle that should be emulated nor offering any solutions to the problems that plague places like South Memphis.  

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  • HipHop DX

    Although he’s still raw in his song structure and his charisma and swagger don’t mask the fact fans are getting more of the same content from previous releases, Key Glock is now solidified as a name you shouldn’t ignore.  

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  • All Music

    There are a few tracks of generic flexing and some built on run-of-the-mill trap instrumentals, but by and large Key Glock's one-man show remains strong on Son of a Gun, riding on the momentum of his last mixtape and, in its best songs, letting that momentum take him new places.  

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