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Single Album

Single Album is the fourteenth studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX, released on February 26, 2021. It is the band's first studio album in nearly five years, since 2016’s First Ditch Effort, marking the longest gap between two NOFX studio albums; between 2016 and 2021, however, the band did release a series of one-off singles and a split album West Coast vs. Wessex (2020), which saw NOFX cover five Frank Turner songs. The album was originally going to be released as a double album, but the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the band to release just a single album, hence the title. -Wikipedia

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  • The Line of Best Fit

    The result is a record much darker in tone than previous outings, yet still harbours the sardonic wit that endeared us to them all those years ago. Despite the fact that once again, an idiot might well be taking over, it seems now is definitely the right time to be sober.  

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  • Kerrang!

    Considering where he was only recently, the return of a reflective, newly sober Fat Mike is a welcome one indeed, especially when his band can still produce the goods like this.  

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  • mxdwn Music

    Single Album shows a lot of introspection by the band, and especially lead singer Fat Mike. It is a dark album but features the iconic sound of the band nevertheless. The album will be a fan favorite as it shows a grown band that still keeps true to its roots and beginnings while adapting to the new era in life. 

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  • Wall of Sound

    Single Album, titled that as it was originally a planned to be double album, is, on a whole, very much a reflection of Fat Mike’s time with drugs and as such majority of the songs are quite intense. The album explores different sounds, and isn’t a straight up punk rock album, but listening to NOFX’s previous effort First Ditch Effort, this isn’t so surprising. Anyone who is refuses to listen to NOFX beyond the late 1990’s, will be disappointed—some fans will take a while to adapt to the musical variety while others will appreciate the diversity.  

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  • All Music

    Neither a boon nor a blemish to their already-stout catalog, Single Album should serve longtime fans well enough without pulling a lot of new ones in.  

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  • The Spill Magazine

    It is technically the band at their peak. And that’s an expression that honestly sums up this release. Still at their peak as always.  

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  • Rock Sins

    This record is a testament to the fact that NOFX are very valid, current and still have a voice. And a very powerful voice at that. Punk Godfathers have nailed another fantastic album to the cross.  

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