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Planet Her

Planet Her is the third studio album by American singer and rapper Doja Cat, released by Kemosabe and RCA Records on June 25, 2021. The album features guest appearances by Young ThugAriana Grandethe WeekndJID, and SZA, in addition to production from frequent collaborators such as Dr. LukeY2K, Tizhimself and Yeti Beats, who executively produced the record alongside Doja Cat. -Wikipedia

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  • Pitchfork

    The third album from the extremely chaotic pop star, battle rapper, and edgelord is a thrilling ride that puts her eclecticism on full display.  

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  • Rolling Stone

    The singer’s third album feels like a debut, inviting us deeper than ever into her exquisitely strange and spectacularly camp world.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    One gal's mission to populate a planetary wasteland of dull features and tepid beats. She does ok.  

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  • The Line of Best Fit

    After two years of back-to-back viral TikTok hits that have given her second album Hot Pink mountains of well-deserved appreciation, Doja Cat is back with a record that relegates the majority of her intergalactic symbolism to the visuals of Planet Her alone.  

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  • Vulture

    It’s almost as if she has internalized what did and didn’t work for her predecessors and is now mixing and matching the parts that intrigue her most. It’s annoying. But it’s also exciting. 

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  • The Guardian

    With her unerring ability to kickstart TikTok crazes, Doja Cat’s sci-fi concept album – with guest turns from Ariana Grande and SZA – shines as a paragon of 2021 pop.  

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  • NME

    The star enlists industry titans The Weeknd and Ariana Grande to ensure that this unstoppable album will help her to ride out any social media storm.  

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  • Stereogum

    If Planet Her feels surprisingly drowsy during its low-key middle stretch, on the whole it hangs together as a unified statement thanks to a bright, sleek, low-end-heavy aesthetic that fits with Doja’s space-age theme. The variety of rhythms and hooks that manifest within that range is impressive — a credit to Doja and Yeti’s work as executive producers. This is one of those cases where I truly have no idea which songs are going to be hits because it feels like all of them should be singles. 

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  • Uproxx

    As Earth continues to slowly crumble — from climate change to social injustices — I’ll gladly book a one-way ticket and escape to Planet Her. 

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  • AV Club

    Planet Her leaves something to be desired, an album with one too many songs that blend into the existing pop noise. 

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  • EW

    It's a hot Cat summer on Doja Cat's sunny, swaggering new album. 

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  • 891 The Point

    Planet Her followed Doja Cat’s style really well and incorporated haunting vibes that were interlaced with easy-to-dance to beats and songs that would be disrespected if you didn’t turn up to them. She did a really good job at maintaining that balance of rap and singing that made it a really beautiful R&B style album. If you like Doja Cat, you will love this album.  

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  • DIY Magazine

    With her finger on pop’s pulse, ‘Planet Her’ is certain to be all over the internet faster than you can say “Bitch, I’m a cow”, but whether the record’s legacy will hold past the next trend cycle is not quite written in the stars.  

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  • Slant Magazine

    The songs comprise a nebulous mass not unlike the swirling galaxy of the album’s cover art.  

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  • Evening Standard

    This album is overloaded with the kind of startling couplets and zingy melodies that could soundtrack the next viral dance challenge. 

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  • Hot New HipHop

    There are plenty of earworm lines and sonic detours where she does a brief show-and-tell of her myriad of artistic styles. So, while we could say that the artist's music has evolved from Hot Pink and her previous work, it feels more apt to simply say that Doja Cat sounds more like herself-- Doja is the most her she’s been yet.  

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  • Clash Magazine

    For 'Planet Her', there is a sense of predictability in that; if nothing else, you can expect a versatile project. Multiple layers mold the artist that is Doja, and as she is carving out a lane that is entirely her own, she is not afraid to be herself no matter how chaotic it may be at times.  

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  • Music Related Junk

    Doja Cat’s new intergalactic sex album is enjoyably raunchy – even if it’s not as musically adventurous as I’d hoped. 

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  • The Mancunion

    Escape to Planet Her this summer – Doja Cat’s third album secures her place among the stars. 

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