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Nobody is Listening

Nobody Is Listening is the third studio album by English singer-songwriter Zayn. It was released on 15 January 2021 through RCA Records. It follows his previous album, Icarus Falls, which released in late 2018. The singer started recording the album in early 2020. Nobody Is Listening was preceded by the singles "Better" and "Vibez". -Wikipedia

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  • Pitchfork

    The boy band graduate remains desperate to remind you that he has sex, eager to insist that he smokes. His falsetto is beautiful, but he’s never sounded like this much of an amateur.  

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  • Teen Vogue

    Mirroring the album’s story arc, the palpable restlessness in the 28-year-old singer’s previous work has grown into something emotive and calm. Beyond the love story, Nobody Is Listening is evidence that Zayn is just beginning to test his power and vision. 

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  • Variety

    “Nobody Is Listening” is concise and to the point, breezing through 11 songs in 35 minutes. While each of his albums has been a reboot, this one is the most dramatic of all — and clears the table for whatever might be coming next. 

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  • The Harvard Crimson

    The modern landscape has made blocking out the noise near impossible, but Zayn has made an admirable — though nowhere near perfect — attempt. In fact, in his pursuit of selfhood, the songwriter just may have succeeded in reinventing himself for the better. 

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  • The Guardian

    The former One Directioner has retreated to the bedroom on this impressively assured set of R&B booty calls.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    Zayn is making the music he has always wanted to make. Unfortunately it's music none of us really wanted to hear.  

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  • Ratings Game Music

    Former One Direction member turned solo artist Zayn Malik delivers some sweet and soft R&B tracks on his latest album Nobody Is Listening. Unlike his prior albums, (the more recent of the two is over an hour and a half long) Nobody Is Listening is a much sleeker journey clocking in at just over half an hour with 11 new songs from the 28-year-old artist.  

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  • Evening Standard

    Hazy R&B textures with few standout moments.  

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  • The Independent

    The former One Directioner's new album is billed as his 'most personal project to date' but it offers no narrative to speak of and only brief glimpses of personality .  

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  • ThomasBleach

    As a body of work ‘Nobody Is Listening’ is a much more cohesive record compared to ‘Icarus Falls’ and feels refined around the edges. However the heavy impact feeling of his debut album ‘Mind Of Mine’ is missing. It’s not a groundbreaking album, and it floats in a very safe and predictable space for the majority of the duration. But there are a few glimpses of experimentation and vulnerability that shine bright and will quickly become fan favourites.  

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  • Medium

    Easy listening from a decisively contended artist 

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  • The Red Ledger

    I was pleasantly surprised at Malik’s new album. I went into listening to “Nobody Is Listening” presuming it would have more of a teenage-girl centered vibe, but that was not correct. This project has a different song for any mood you’re in. Even the indescribable moods that we all get in, Malik has got you covered.  

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  • Rolling Stone

    Zayn Finds His Sweet Spot on ‘Nobody Is Listening’.  

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  • NME

    ex-boybander crafts quietly purposeful pop.  

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  • Daily Trojan

    Overall, this album is a worthy listen, and with a couple of replays through, fans are sure to find emotional and more surprising R&B ballads that they can resonate with and vibe to in 2021.  

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  • All Music

    Even though the album isn't as immediate as his prior work, it rewards repeated listens and some concentration, a smooth experience fit for wasting a day away between the sheets.  

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  • Clash Magazine

    With minimal production and few moments of experimentation, the album is flawed and doesn’t add much to Zayn’s musicality, but it indicates that he’s achieved some sort of clarity on the direction he wants to take as a solo artist.  

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  • The Irish Times

    As he lets his voice meander over lazy guitars on River Road, it’s clear that, having been in One Direction, Zayn has now found his niche in lo-fi R&B-pop that’s intentionally made without any aim at all.  

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  • black boy bulletin

    With the exception of “Calamity,” none of these songs are bad; Zayn has just covered similar themes with stronger songs on his previous albums. We’re listening, but he’s not really saying anything new.  

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  • Riff Magazine

    While Nobody is Listening doesn’t always hit the right notes (metaphorically and literally), it meets the expectations it set: that of a former boy band crooner in his solo peak. But should nobody be listening? Hardly! If you draw a bath, light a few candles, pour a big glass of wine, and press play. 

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