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Mercury Act 1

Mercury – Act 1 is the fifth studio album by American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, released on September 3, 2021, by Kidinakorner and Interscope Records. -Wikipedia

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  • Drew's Reviews

    Imagine Dragons show no signs of slowing down, with Mercury – Act 1 coming three years after Origins. They have a genuine sound, rarely emulated and, even if the band seems torn on their musical focus or just want to embrace it all, they somehow, for the most part, make it work.  

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  • Pitchfork

    Despite the ostensibly humanizing presence of Rick Rubin, rock’s patron saint of prestige, these quintessentially Vegas showmen still sound like they’re firing their emotions out of a T-shirt cannon.  

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  • mxdwn Music

    Almost 10 years after their debut, Mercury – Act 1 is a testament to how far Imagine Dragons has come. The album radiates a certain tenderness with each instrument, lyric and production choice. It’s arguably Imagine Dragons at their most open and vulnerable, with emotions ranging from intimate guitar strums to explosive hardcore-screaming vocals. 

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  • NME

    Arresting moments of lyrical honesty are overshadowed by a scattershot record that lacks cohesion and originality.  

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  • The Young Folks

    Mercury Act-1 is a real work of art. It is powerful and poignant, explosive and intense and dramatic; a true and important story tied into a simple collection of music.  

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  • Vinyl Chapters

    Varied in its approach and unapologetic in its candidness, Imagine Dragons’ latest album Mercury – Act 1 is a breath of fresh air. 

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  • AllMusic

    While the overall tone and narrative could use a little polishing, Mercury: Act 1 is a huge step forward in their maturation process.  

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  • Ben's Beat

    The scariest thing about this album is the fact that it’s called “Act 1.” Whatever second part of this is coming, please, Daniel, for my sanity, take as long as you want. With any luck, the already diminished commercial performance of this project is a sign of things to come and I won’t have to listen to it. Still – for anyone looking for the musical equivalent of a beloved B-film, this is for you.  

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  • AMPS & 808s

    The Dragons came from arrow almost being pierced through the heart to set fire to music once again. Imagine like Lennon. Now we can't wait for the next act.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    There’s nothing left except the pitiful desire to crawl into a dark hole and stay there until the manic, incoherent mess of instrumentation and vocal delivery throughout Mercury – Act I has finally dissipated from my mind. Please, I beg of you, have mercy and just leave me alone.  

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  • London Evening Standard

    A bit rocky, a bit synthpoppy, a bit dubstep even, their ongoing style-hopping has allowed them to become a rare example of a truly successful band in the streaming era. They’ve got something to fit on almost any playlist, having worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to Avicii. 

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  • The Daily Californian

    While the lyrics may be redundant, the exceptional musicality of Mercury – Act 1 emphasizes Imagine Dragons’ unique brilliance as a band. The album serves as an important reminder that no matter the mode in which one expresses themselves, utter honesty is important to achieve a better understanding of self.  

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  • The Heights

    The band’s intentions were admirable, but the execution was lacking. The cover of the album depicts a man falling—a fitting image because this album was unfortunately a fall for them. Fans will now have to patiently wait for Imagine Dragons to produce something worthy of their exceptional talent.  

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