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Mama's Boy

Mama’s Boy (stylized in all lowercase) is the third studio album by American indie pop band LANY, released on October 2, 2020 through Polydor Records. -Wikipedia

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  • Pitchfork

    The synth-pop group aches with boy-band sincerity over sugary arrangements and even a little pedal steel on their anodyne new album.  

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  • The Post

    mama’s boy is the breakup album of the year that will continue to be blasted in teenage girl’s cars when love seems to have failed them, but also the same album girls will retreat to when they believe they found the one. Versatility at its finest.  

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  • The Northerner

    “mama’s boy” is the soundtrack for a coming-of-age indie film that will likely be forgotten about when you’re older. But, for now, it’s the anthem of a bleeding heart. 

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  • MTSU Sidelines

    “mama’s boy” further proves that LANY is deserving of success and any acclaim sent their way.  

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  • Melodic Magazine

    On the whole, mama’s boy represents a modern version of every mom’s favorite boy. A mama’s boy can be longing for love. A mama’s boy can make mistakes. A mama’s boy can be complicated. But, despite his flaws, a mama’s boy has a lot to offer. Paul is right – this is LANY’s best album yet. 

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  • The Line of Best Fit

    Mama’s Boy proves that standing still isn’t an option as LANY honour their humble beginnings as their most authentic selves. It may not be the iridescent sunset we’re used to, but LANY are home. 

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  • Commedia

    Overall, “mama’s boy” is LANY’s strongest body of work to date. Although there are songs that don’t hit quite as hard as the others, such as “sharing you” and “bad news,” the album is at its strongest when the band members share their struggles with personal identity and faith, and that happens frequently enough to merit attention.  

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  • Original Rock

    ‘Mama’s Boy’ takes on nostalgia, love and memories so strong that there is no denying how emotionally driven this album is. It is a catalogue of intricate sounds and cinematic vocals that makes the wholesome listening experience so much more unique.  

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  • The Courier Online

    Ultimately, despite the triad’s constant self-reflection, there is an element of escapism about Mama’s Boy – never daring to be superficial or false but presenting such interpersonal themes that a warm cosiness emanates from their work. The bands’ acknowledgement of their imperfections is brave but unites all listeners under the common ideal of utopian kindness and undoubted care for their nearest and dearest. As a marked and mature progression from their past self-pity, LANY’s strength is not just in their moonlit romanticism, but the acknowledgement that future golden sunsets are achievable if we dare to stop and reflect.  

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  • Nerve Media

    The arrival of their new soundscape that has thrown away their fond of catchy pop hooks, but kept to a familiar nostalgia, sees ‘mama’s boy’ paving a new path for LANY. With them diving deep into the roots of their past and present through an emotionally yet sonically 14-track album, LANY seems to be home.  

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  • Gig Goer

    Swapping Malibu nights for Southern sunsets, LANY pay homage to their roots with a reflective and awe-inspiring collection of songs, mama’s boy.  

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  • Montreal Rocks

    With a bit of shimmery LA-pop mixed with New York’s gritty rock and a dash of the heartland’s roots, LANY’s third album is an emotional rollercoaster.  

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  • Dead Press

    Honest and personal, ‘Mama’s Boy’ is a record that delivers an expression of love in its many forms. LANY have created pop music that flows between modern and nostalgic. It’s romantic, powerful, and overflowing with southern soul.  

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  • Riot Magazine

    The California aesthetic that influenced their pop-ladened hooks was missed and there lacks feel-good sun-kissed tunes, although the emotional dives on ‘mama’s boy’ are heightened by stripped-back lyrics and instrumentalisation. ‘mama’s boy’ sees LANY reaching new levels with their sound by being their most genuine and authentic selves in their most cohesive record to date.  

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  • The New Nine

    With two full albums under their belt, their third is reminiscent of their older music. Trust me, I love all of their music, but I think early on we all knew this album was going to take you back to their roots and how they started as a group.  

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