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Look Long

Look Long is a studio album by American folk rock duo Indigo Girls. The album was originally due to be released on April 24, 2020, but was delayed until May 22, 2020. The album has had a positive reception from critics. -Wikipedia

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  • ABC News

    Indigo Girls are their most elemental and best on “Look Long,” with Reynolds and the ace band attractively sprucing up the tunes without breaking the duo’s foundational folk-rock mold. 

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  • All Music

    Within these strummed tales are warm, empathetic character sketches and stories, songs that help emphasize the continuum within the music of Indigo Girls, but the album's heart lies within the musical departures, as those are the places where the duo are taking a long look outside of themselves.  

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  • Folk Radio

    The world, both theirs and the external, has seen some seismic changes since they last released an album together and, as the title suggests, this album is often an observation and reflection on those. They are still the bar-band they claim to be at heart, you really should grab a beer and celebrate their return to the saloon. 

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  • Entertainment Focus

    Look Long is a solid album from Indigo Girls. Lyrically they’re as sharp as ever and those harmonies are still a draw after all these years. I’ve often felt that the duo has never quite got the recognition they deserve but they continue to delight their fanbase with these relatable and thought-provoking songs.  

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  • Folk Alley

    Look Long, the new Indigo Girls album, does just what its title suggests: It unflinchingly surveys the past to step whole-heartedly into the present. And it does so on both the micro and macro levels of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers' lives as artists, activists, parents, and people simply doing the best they can in each moment, learning as they go. 

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  • Edge Media Network

    'Look Long' is Another Brave Entry in the Indigo Girls' Adventurous and Thoughtful Body of Work.  

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  • Metro Weekly

    This is an album that invites us to stand still, take stock of where we are, how we got here, and what we can take with us into the future.  

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  • Highway Queens

    Always poetic, personal and political the Indigo Girls have lost none of their power. Look Long considers where they came from and concludes we ain’t done. Long may they burn. 

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  • American Songwriter

    Indeed, with few exceptions, Look Long comes across as a decidedly upbeat album, one that still shares sentiment and expresses the pair’s need to share passion and purpose.  

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