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Heaux Tales

Heaux Tales is the fourth studio album by American R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan. It was released by RCA Records on January 8, 2021. Its release date was confirmed on December 2, 2020. It is her first release since 2015's critically-acclaimed Reality Show. It includes features from Ari LennoxAnderson .Paak, and H.E.R.. The album was primarily recorded in Sullivan's Philadelphia home. -Wikipedia

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  • Rolling Stone

    Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Heaux Tales’ is a Nuanced Take on Romantic Realism.  

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  • The Root

    Jazmine Sullivan's Heaux Tales Album Is Amazing AF.  

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  • Pitchfork

    On her fourth album, Jazmine Sullivan contends with all that can be lost and gained through sex and love. She is in full command of her spectacular voice and totally delivers on an ambitious concept.  

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  • Uproxx

    The music is elegant and the project’s construction is flawless. Just one week into 2021, Ms. Jazmine Sullivan graced us with an undeniable moment that will be remembered at the end of the year and years to come for a project that carries the characteristics to be labeled a classic in the future.  

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  • Clash Magazine

    Ending such a lengthy wait for new material was never going to be easy, but Jazmine Sullivan makes her Everest-like task look deceptively simple. A woman speaking her truth in poetic, soulful fashion, ‘Heaux Tales’ could be her defining chapter.  

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  • This is RnB

    On Heaux Tales, Jazmine doesn’t pass judgement, she simply voices the truth. That’s what makes it work so well. It would have been easy to make this EP self-righteous or preachy. Instead, Jazmine personifies the character of each of the women in the interludes from a place of solidarity. She gives a validating voice to the thoughts, feelings and emotions that they are often taught to suppress. This EP isn’t just liberation for black women, it’s liberation for all women. Jazmine, I salute you queen. I can’t wait for what is to come next. 

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  • Medium

    Which actually brings me to the belief that many people, who are still looking for their first accessible music fix of 2021, Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales may just be it. And with the narrative to back it, this album definitely feels like one that is best enjoyed from beginning to end.  

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  • Black Boy Bulletin

    Heaux Tales is a masterpiece. It’s hard to believe that this is just an EP and not Jazmine’s fourth studio album. In just over thirty minutes, Jazmine Sullivan explores some of the most complex and uncomfortable concepts in this intricate patchwork of stories and experiences. She sounds better than ever on Heaux Tales, and, artistically, she’s never been more in tune with her mission as a storyteller.  

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  • Ratings Game Music

    I feel like Jazmine Sullivan and Lizzo have a lot in common. They are both fantastic writers, they are both hella versatile, and they both endorse self-love and denounce dirty men in their music. With that being said, I feel like Heaux Tale is a worthy sequel to Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You album.  

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  • Soul in Stereo

    As a storytelling device, Heaux Tales excels like few others in recent years. But in terms of musicality, either due to the short run time or some of the more by-the-numbers tracks, there’s room for improvement. Heaux Tales is far from perfect but that’s pretty much Jazmine’s story throughout this journey.  

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  • Beats Per Minute

    Heaux Tales is a provocative return for Sullivan that showcases her incredible knack for storytelling. Beyond the reclamation of the word “hoe”, she gives dimension and voice to women who are all too frequently misunderstood. Whether she is the heartbreaker or the heartbroken, the one dropping a stack for a man or letting a man drop a stack for her, she acknowledges all these aspects of her character.  

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  • The Needle Drop

    The conceptual EP Heaux Tales seems to be a point of personal and artistic metamorphosis for Jazmine Sullivan.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    Jazmine Sullivan may not make her more recent influences a secret, but the ambition of this mini-project is what carries her one step further.  

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  • Kel & Mel Reviews

    All in all, Jazimne Sullivan has, at the very least, given us some good musical food for thought that will keep us focused on her over upcoming flashes in the pan with similar themes. We’ll have to see if this album can allow Sullivan to go another five-plus years between projects (please don’t) as time wears on, but we do know that many of these songs will be traveling with us throughout the rest of 2021.  

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