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Goodbye & Good Riddance

The debut studio album of American rapper Juice WRLD. It was released on May 23, 2018, by Grade A Productions and Interscope Records. The album features a sole guest appearance from Lil Uzi Vert and production from Benny Blanco, Cardo, Mitch Mula, Nick Mira and Sidepce, among others.

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  • Pitchfork

    Juice WRLD’s emo-rap debut is an adolescent breakup record that is equal parts endearing and grating. 

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  • HipHopDX

    Throughout Goodbye & Good Riddance, his major label debut through Interscope, Juice WRLD pilots the listener on a trip down memory lane, stopping at all of his hurtful breakups. And he’s not sober in the slightest.  

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  • Beat

    It’s an impressive project from an emerging artist, one who puts his heart into his craft. There are some great vibes on this mixtape, and Juice carries this body of work in its entirety by himself without guest appearances. 

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  • HotNewHipHop

    The project serves as a strong introduction into the Chicago artist as all 15 tracks are handled by Juice WRLD himself with there being no features. 

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  • Pigeons & Planes

    After spending his early years focusing on rapping and freestyling, Juice WRLD discovered a more emotional, melodic style that's been resonating with listeners in a big way. 

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  • XXL

    The project, released on May 20, features 16 new tracks by the Chicago teen, who doubles down on his trademark flair for melodrama and melody.  

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    Granted, this is not the kind of album that'll win a Grammy and get the older hip-hop heads talkin'. But if you're looking for an album to put on loop while pulling your hood over your face and taking moody selfies to post with the hashtag #Illbefine, this is your jam. Listen to the entire album below. 

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  • The Young Folks

    For once, we may have found ourselves an emo-rapper who could last for quite some time. 

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  • Medium

    The mixture of depression lyrics, drug glorification, and atmospheric beats makes Goodbye & Good Riddance a great addition to the Emo Rap genre. 

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  • Noise Comply

    He nailed just about everything on this album from the performances to the songwriting to the production choices.  

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  • Yugen Creations

    Throughout the album Juice Wrld is hurting, heartbroken, and trying to cope with it. He discusses the lows, the drugs, the partying to forget, and I definitely get the same kind of feels that Lil Peep made me feel with his album Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 1.  

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  • Modern Life

    The debut album from Juice WRLD is a strong showing from an artist who seemed to pop up in a nano-second.  

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  • The Oakland Post

    It is a fantastic project, especially considering the fact this is Juice’s first big project to hit streaming sites outside of SoundCloud. 

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  • Blatantly Blunt

    In a recent interview Juice explained that ‘I’m just trying to make music to help people through their situations,’ with this emotional stance he looks like he is on his way to achieving this and there is definable room for him in the industry. 

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  • Juice Box

    Juice vividly and poignantly portrays exactly why common tropes about meaningless experiences are actually so often referenced in music, and he does so in a relatable, open, and honest format rarely seen from young artists today. 

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  • Chicago Tribune

    Blending elements of meandering, mumble-rap singing against drill-lite percussion and pop-punk melodies, Juice Wrld has captured the minds of the generation raised on both Warped Tour and Summer Jam  

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  • Respect

    JuiceWrld is winning in the industry solely off of making authentic and meaningful music and we are cheering him on. 

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