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Gold-Diggers Sound

Bridges' third studio album, Gold-Diggers Sound, was released on July 23, 2021. -Wikipedia

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  • The Guardian

    The soul singer breaks out of his comfort zone with a sparkling collection that evades easy answers.  

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  • Pitchfork

    The Texas singer delivers a smooth, risk-averse R&B album whose nostalgic trappings aim for timelessness.  

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  • RIOT Magazine

    Notoriously calm, cool and collected musician (and twenty-first-century dandy) Leon Bridges is stretching his signature soulful sound in more directions than ever before in his third album Gold-Diggers Sound. 

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  • Bernard Zuel

    The flaw in the otherwise spot-on deal for Bridges remains a shortage of clear brilliance in the writing – musical and lyrical. Everything else, not least his caressing voice, is there to help make him a current figure of substance, not just a referential one. Not in the same league as Michael Kiwanuka, sure, but maybe next level down. But then again everything else is there in Leon Bridges in sufficient quantities to make the waiting for the rest to catch up an enjoyable time. And you have to respect that. 

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  • NME

    The star's latest offering maintains the traditional elements of old-school soul of his previous work but introduces a new, vibrant, almost luminous aesthetic.  

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  • Paste Magazine

    Songwriter’s third LP is yet another graceful, often captivating deviation from his early retro soul path.  

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  • The Line of Best Fit

    Gold-Diggers Sound is Leon Bridges’ most distinctive take on soul music to date.  

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  • Peanut Butter Pope

    It’s a numb craving for sensuality and sophistication, resulting in Leon Bridges’ most boring album to date. He vacantly stumbles around the near-seven-minute ‘Don’t Worry’ with such little drive or melody, to the point where I am worried; he utilises the kind of guitar reverb that pops up regularly in super commercialized pop on ‘Why Don’t You Touch Me’.  

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  • All Music

    The unswerving self-control he has demonstrated across three albums both impresses and mystifies.  

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  • Clash Magazine

    ‘Gold-Diggers Sound’ is an effortless and easy listen thanks to the high production value, Bridges’ velvety-smooth vocals, and the strength of his songwriting, it’s set to be one of the albums of the year.  

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  • Hotpress

    Throughout the record, Bridges sprinkles a tad of country twang and with his next project been recorded in Nashville, he will no doubt continue to majestically evolve.  

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  • Stack

    Gold-Diggers Sound sees Leon Bridges endeavour to bend his steps into a truer R’n’B domain, with messages closer to his heart – and by George, he’s done it. 

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  • mxdwn Music

    Gold-Diggers Sound is a journey that destabilizes this perfect aesthetic and builds upon several issues in a serene and evocative symphony. 

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  • DIY Magazine

    'Gold-Diggers Sound’ sees Leon Bridges shine brighter as a songwriter, as an artist and as a man than ever.  

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  • Under the Radar Magazine

    Gold-Diggers Sound’s finest moments are the soft as a whisper ones. The sound of slipping into something a little more comfortable.  

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  • Gigwise

    Gold-Diggers Sound is a very laid-back, easy listening album; there’s no particular ‘wow factor’ however, I respect the progression developments and experimentation since his debut. Modern progressive R&B is very on-trend at the moment but at some point, I would love to see Bridges revisit his ‘Coming Home’ era because I feel soul is where he is truly at home.  

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  • Spectrum Culture

    Leon Bridges continues to push his sound forward while writing love letters to his influences, further establishing himself as a rare and refreshing combination of tribute and progress.  

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  • The Arts Desk

    Gold-Diggers Sound is its own better place and time, not separate from the stresses outside, but a creamy balm to their aches.  

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