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Downhill from Everywhere

Downhill from Everywhere is the fifteenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Jackson Browne. It was released by Inside Recordings on July 23, 2021, and is Browne's first album of new material in seven years. -Wikipedia

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  • The Guardian

    Still regarded as the most artful of 1970s west coast singer-songwriters, Browne frets about the environment and his use by date.  

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  • Popmatters

    Downhill From Everywhere finds legendary singer-songwriter Jackson Browne still searching for something new in familiar yet comforting ways. 

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  • All Music

    A half-century into his career, that timeless feeling that signified even Browne's earliest releases is still present, if ever-so-slightly more shopworn by time's passing.  

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  • Bourbon and Vinyl

    This is one of the strongest albums of 2021 so far. If you’ve haven’t heard Downhill From Everywhere or any of Jackson’s late period LPs, especially Standing In The Breach or The Naked Ride Home I urge you to seek those out as well. This is a prime example of a classic artists who continues to put out incredibly strong, late career music that deserves a listen. 

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  • The After Word

    The album may not be cutting edge, but it’s Jackson Browne’s best set in quite a while, and as such it defies expectations by being just about as good as it can be. 

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  • The Washington Time

    Downhill from Everywhere provides plenty of evidence of that relit spark, delivering the sheer joy of hearing a master songwriter with the wind in his sails.  

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  • Daily Mail Online

    Jackson Browne isn't bothered about being original in his first album for seven years... he is not looking to make life harder for himself or his listeners.  

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  • God is in the TV

    So, another accomplished set from the man. Is it going to end up as one of my absolute favourite records of 2021? Probably not. But is it another likeable record that I could fling on at any time and get pleasure from? Undoubtedly. It’s a more than worthy addition to the great man’s catalogue.  

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  • Under the Radar Magazine

    Jackson Browne is one of the boldest talents in American music, his first four albums standing as understated classics. Downhill from Everywhere, however, fails to recreate that magic, although the first three tracks come close. Browne is an intelligent artist with valid thoughts and concerns to address, but Downhill from Everywhere does not serve as a strong vehicle for such statements.  

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  • The Arts Desk

    Browne the craftsman serves up an album that was several years in the making yet which remains fresh and topical.  

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  • Folk Radio

    Downhill From Everywhere is a glorious high. 

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