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Demidevil is the debut mixtape by American singer-songwriter and rapper Ashnikko, released on January 15, 2021, through Parlophone and Warner Records. The mixtape was supported by the singles "Cry" (featuring Canadian musician Grimes), "Daisy" and "Deal with It" (featuring American singer Kelis).-Wikipedia

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  • The Guardian

    Audacious and explicit, Ashton Casey fulfils all the hype on this playful, genre-surfing set.  

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  • Pitchfork

    The 24-year-old alt-pop rapper showcases her newly refined confidence, taking a step toward the pop powerhouse she’s capable of becoming.  

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  • NME

    A debut album proper in all but name, in fact, ‘Demidevil’ shows that Ashnikko’s far more than a two-trend wonder – with a tank full of intriguing bangers that evade living under ‘Daisy’s formidable shadow.  

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  • DIY Magazine

    Ten tracks of orgasm-loving, empowering anthems, that pack a punch musically as well as lyrically.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    Demidevil is twenty-five minutes long. I will never listen to it again. Album of the year.  

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  • PopMatters

    Demidevil is poised to keep Ashnikko relentlessly populating the feed in 2021 with some impressively strong new bangers.  

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  • The Line of Best Fit

    There’s a lot of pressure in dropping your debut collection proper, and Ashnikko appears to have drawn the short end of the stick.  

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  • Medium

    DEMIDEVIL definitely fits into being one of those projects where the main benefactor behind them is the artist themselves. I feel that at this stage, only somebody as bold as Ashnikko could have created something like this. Using her uniqueness to create a colourful, and borderline-psychedelic aesthetic, as well as implementing a very empowering feminist narrative into this debut mixtape. 

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  • RapReviews

    It feels like the audio version of Madonna releasing a coffee table art book of her sexual exploits, and I’m not in any way judging you if you get off on that, but it’s just not my thing.  

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  • Red Roll

    DemiDevil is a great collection added to Ashnikko’s belt. The album has several memorable and catchy choruses, but she also shows moments of sensitivity with “Cry” and “Good While It Lasted.”  

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  • The Needle Drop

    Demidevil leaves quite some room for Ashnikko's debut album to improve, but does itself have some fun highlights.  

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  • Stereogum

    She wouldn’t be believable as this maniacal character if she wasn’t pushing the boundaries of comfort and good taste, and a certain class of listener will surely relish the same gratuitous exploits that cause me to recoil. That livewire quality has me genuinely curious to find out what Ashnikko will do next. Let’s just hope it doesn’t involve dressing up as a sex organ. 

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  • Gigwise

    DEMIDEVIL is definitely a grower, on first few listens it’s good at best...and you’re lying if you don’t feel completely enticed by concluding track ‘Clitoris the Musical.’  

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  • Vinyl Chapters

    Demidevil, a bold, frank and entertaining record on so many levels.  

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  • The Pacer

    The DemiDevil mixtape yanks you out of bed and tells you that you are a boss and the master of your own destiny. Blast this mixtape if you’ve ever had a horrible ex, a bad breakup or if you need a confidence boost. 

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  • Clash Magazine

    Sheer exhilaration from start to finish.  

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