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Dangerous: The Double Album

American country singer Morgan Wallen released his second studio album—Dangerous: The Double Album—on January 8, 2021, through Republic Records and Big Loud Records on vinyl, digital download, and CD. The album features Ben Burgess and Chris Stapleton as its main guest appearances.

Dangerous was generally well-received by music critics, quickly turning into a commercial success, debuting on US Billboard 200 as number one. Wallen claims that the idea of a double album started off as a joke between him and his manager, eventually turning into reality as the quarantine hit. Learn more about what critics have got to say about Morgan Wallen’s album in their reviews!

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  • Rolling Stone

    Morgan Wallen Is a Versatile Nashville Cliche Machine on ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’.  

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  • Saving Country Music

    Morgan Wallen also makes it unmistakably clear that he has a ways to go to be the guy you want him to be, as opposed to the guy he really is.  

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  • Vulture

    With Dangerous, Wallen communicates that he knows what everyone’s saying and makes a good go at keeping them all happy, landing, in the process, on a flexible sound that blends pop, rock, country, and more with panache, a sound that, with ample opportunities to fail, is often engaging and never anything less than fun. Given a second chance to prove what he’s made of, Morgan Wallen uses Dangerous to show it all off at once. 

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  • The Musical Hype

    Although it runs long, there is plenty to like about Dangerous: The Double Album, the sophomore LP by country standout, Morgan Wallen.  

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  • Paperblog

    It's an album that fans will be able to put on in the background without worrying about needing to start over or choose something else 20 minutes later. And that's just one more thing to give him credit for. 

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  • Maximum Volume Music

    “Dangerous” is not just seriously consistent, its seriously good.  

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  • The Wrangler

    Morgan Wallen produced an amazing album that most people loved and it was a huge hit. His career continues to grow and he will become a bigger country artist over the years if he continues producing music.  

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  • Lyric Magazine

    Big Loud have created something really ground-breaking here because Morgan Wallen can be exactly who you want him to be. If you want the southern redneck, you got it. If you want the modern Country star with drum machines and club vibes, bingo! If you want a tortured, thoughtful songwriter, that’s here too and if you want a retro-themed Countrypolitan you can have him as well.  

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  • Spectrum Pulse

    since it didn’t have the upbeat bro-country that was his debut and Music Row is obsessed with consistent branding even for a budding superstar, they pushed him to make the considerably worse second disc or repurposed leftovers from his debut, shifted certain cuts to force cohesion, and gambled on stream-trolling to justify the double album.  

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  • Pitchfork

    With a 30-song record, the rising country star takes a closer look at Music Row clichés, writing in easy, idiomatic shorthand that plunges you directly into his world.  

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  • Stereogum

    Assuming he can keep his personal life from unraveling, the guy seems capable of becoming Garth Brooks for a new generation. Yeah, the album may be long, but just wait until you see Morgan Wallen’s career. 

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  • Your Life in a Song

    This is a mega project showcasing an artist operating at the very top of his game, with only a few ‘filler’ tracks which is some feat for a 30-song album. This will no doubt be one of the biggest country albums of 2021, and thoroughly deserves to be. We have a new superstar on our hands. 

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  • Riff Magazine

    Dangerous: The Double Album is a wonderful way to start the new year and leave the old behind, full of good ol’ country songs, country-pop hybrids and love stories. Country listeners will eat this up, but the album may also connect with others, which speaks as much to the lyricm here as the arrangements and production. 

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  • Entertainment Focus

    ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ is a fascinating insight into one of modern Country’s most conflicted, and potentially most divisive, emerging stars and I think it’s the strongest sign yet that Wallen could well be the future of the genre.  

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