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CMFT is the debut solo studio album by American rock musician Corey Taylor. It was released on October 2, 2020, by Roadrunner Records. -Wikipedia

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  • NME

    the most fun record the Slipknot frontman has ever produced.  

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  • Cryptic Rock

    Taylor has always looked out for his fans and releasing CMFT a year or so early is one of the best gifts Taylor can give. As his solo debut, Taylor knocks it out of the park once again, no surprise there, and tracks like “Home,” “Black Eyes Blue,” and “HWY666” are enough of a reason to remember the name CMFT. A refreshing new release.  

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  • Sonic Perspectives

    “CMFT” delivers fun and artistic liberty, even if it doesn’t wow in its technicality or originality.  

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  • Kerrang!

    Corey motherflippin’ Taylor has a damn good time on wild solo debut, CMFT. 

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  • Blabbermouth

    "CMFT" is an upbeat, meticulously written modern rock album. It just isn't likely one that will stand the test of time like some of the other SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR albums that established Corey Taylor as a household name. 

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  • Wall of Sound

    you’re gonna uncover a few gems here you didn’t expect to hear from one of metal’s more recognised names.  

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  • Evening Standard

    It’s all hand-claps and key changes, and it’s great fun.  

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  • Sputnik Music

    a guilty pleasure album that’s hard to take seriously, but equally as difficult to resist.  

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  • All Music

    The stylistic shifts can be jarring, but Taylor sells the hell out it, and in doing so manages to bring some fun into the often-dour Slipknot universe.  

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  • Audio Ink Radio

    While “CMFT” shows off Taylor’s musical range, it feature enough familiar rockers to appease his longtime fans, while offering something fresh and different to appeal to a new crowd. With “CMFT,” Taylor brings the party for 2020, and that’s exactly what this crazy year needs.  

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  • Distorted Sound Magazine

    Bold, creative, fearless – CMFT is everything you knew it would be. Though its quality doesn’t demand COREY TAYLOR‘s solo endeavour should reach STONE SOUR heights of prominence – you can argue that was never the point. Instead, one of metal’s few 21st century superstars has given us MTV Cribs levels of access into the depth of his creativity. Potentially too audacious for some? Yes, but CMFT is a fascinating addition to COREY TAYLOR‘s legendary body of work.  

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  • Ghost Cult Magazine

    Overall, every song on CMFT is well done from a technical standpoint. They hit the marks of whatever genre they’re trying to imitate, but unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anything innovative.  

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  • Splice Media Group

    CMFT is chock full of everything you could ever want in a rock n’ roll album. The enthusiasm that Corey Taylor delivers in his solo debut will make you crank this one up and enjoy every second of the party. 

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  • Maximum Volume Music

    “CMFT” is one of the finest hard rock records of the year on one hand, but it is actually so much more besides.  

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  • Dead Press

    There’s a whole bunch to love on ‘CMFT’ for die-hard Corey Taylor fans, but its unfocused nature and disparate styles make for a rather uneven, and at times even tedious listening experience.  

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  • Bring the Noise UK

    In the end, while it does show off his personality and wide musical taste, and though it contains some diamonds hidden in the rough, CMFT is a disappointing, middle-of-the-road debut offering from Corey Taylor. Let’s just hope the next one will be better! 

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  • The Moshville Times

    CMFT isn’t a bad album by any stretch but it’s far from the best music Corey Taylor has been involved with. 

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  • All About The Rock

    CMFT is a blast to listen to. Words alone cannot do this album justice. It just needs to be heard.  

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  • The Washington Times

    “CMFT” is hard rock at its core, sprinkled with elements of classic, glam and blues rock, heavy metal, rap, rockabilly and a tinge of grunge. 

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  • The Indiependent

    Was CMFT worth the years and years of hype and repeated hints of a Corey Taylor solo album? I’d say it absolutely was. It shows a totally different side to the musicality of Slipknot and Stone Sour’s celebrated and outspoken frontman, dipping into areas of music that he’d only just hinted at being able to cover previously. 

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  • mxdwn Music

    Taylor is a talented musician and CMFT is a great record by how Taylor impacts each track with his strong and authoritative vocals. Fans are in for a treat because Taylor delivers the music they are yearning for. 

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  • Markus' Heavy Music Blog

    ‘CMFT’ reflects Corey Taylor. It’s not Slipknot and it’s not Stone Sour. It’s an album of a musician that wants to have fun by making music based on the musical imprint and inspiration. Therefor the common denominator of this album is Corey Taylor and not any style or genre. This album is about having fun, a matter of heart, if you will, and that’s what it spreads all a long, from the first track to the last one.  

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  • Loud Magazine

    Corey Taylor has become the messiah of modern heavy music, fronting Stone Sour and, perhaps more importantly for a generation, Slipknot.  

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  • Rock Sins

    Overall this album feels a bit like a videogame expansion pack. It’s good that it exists and you’ll get some enjoyment out of it, but it’s not something you’ll find yourself returning to very often when there is so much still left to explore in other places.  

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  • Aspiring Human Shazam

    CMFT is a bland and unbearable collection of songs from Corey Taylor. If these songs are outtakes or rejected songs by Slipknot or Stone Sour then maybe that was for a good reason. The irony is that the man who once sang a song called ‘Disasterpiece’ and penned a book called You’re Making Me Hate You, CMFT embodies both these creative works and not in a good way. 

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  • Sound Bite Reviews

    This album does have more songs I like than songs I don’t and if you like hard rock then feel free to give this a go. It’s a fun album and it’s easy to get lost in the energy of the record and I feel like that alone can make it worth checking out, despite some of my criticisms of it.  

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