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4Real 4Real (stylized in all caps) is the fourth studio album by American rapper YG, released on May 24, 2019 by 4Hunnid Records and Def Jam Recordings. The Album features guest appearances from G-Eazy, RJ, Tyga, Jon Z, Ty Dolla $ign, Valee and Boogie, among others. - Wikipedia

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  • Pitchfork

    YG pays heartfelt tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle on his latest while still reserving plenty of vitriol for his favorite targets: broke dudes, snitches, broke dudes who also snitch.  

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  • DJ Booth

    '4REAL 4REAL' is a comeback record that reintroduces YG at his most inspired. 

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  • Hot New Hip Hop

    An album that fumbles on the bangers and too often finds YG elusive when his energy is vital.  

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  • Rolling Stone

    The latest album from the prince of LA gangsta rap showcases his diminishing self-awareness.  

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  • High Snobiety

    4REAL 4REAL isn’t perfect, but it’s getting there.  

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  • Tiny Mix Tapes

    4REAL 4REAL comes back to the tropes off of which YG has made his name: his identity as a blood, the trifling antics of hoes and thots, the latent paranoia that runs in his veins, sourced from the mean streets of South Central.  

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  • Uproxx

    As much as a more upbeat album was destined to take some criticism for feeling less substantial in comparison to his darker works, the dedication serves as a reminder — he’s earned the chance to party if as much to momentarily forget his past as celebration of his current success. 

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  • HipHopDX

    Although 4REAL 4REAL never gets any momentum going, there’s still more than enough material present to keep YG’s name in headlines.  

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  • Vulture

    It shows off an astonishing range and an even more striking vision. 

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  • The Ratings Game

    YG simply hasn’t struck out when it comes to making albums. In “4REAL 4REAL,” his fourth one, he tries to continue his undefeated streak, releasing a body of work that talks about everything from his fallen homies to fake gang members. 

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  • Rap Reviews

    Either way it’s another solid album from an artist who like his late friend can crossover into a lot of areas (and arenas) given the chance.  

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  • The Roosevelt Review

    I think that this album was much better than his previous album Stay Dangerous just because of the old school approach that YG proposed instead of what he has been doing for the previous years. 

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  • The Anomaly Diary

    Whether he is in a rush to get out of his record deal with Def Jam or not, 4REAL 4REAL is still a good album from YG.  

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  • Forbes

    He achieves his goal to a satisfying level of success, giving his brother from the other color a strong piece of work to listen to in heaven. 

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  • No Ripcord

    YG regains some of the energy that made his early output stand out, though all the new elements he brings into focus—from the spirited features to his tribute to Nipsey— feel tacked-on and half-hearted, well-intentioned but not well thought out.  

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  • The Musical Hype

    All in all, 4REAL 4REAL is an enjoyable fourth studio album by YG. There are plenty of worthwhile moments over the course of 14 songs.  

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  • XXL Magazine

    YG returns with 4Real 4Real, which finds the Bompton rep expanding his sound while creeping toward mogul status. 

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  • All Music

    4REAL 4REAL would be the most subdued YG album even without that stirring reflection.  

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  • Hit Up Ange

    4REAL 4REAL is an album that plays on the strengths of YG. The talent and relatability of the rapper are throughout the project. 

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  • Lost Culture

    Whilst, not his best project, “4Real 4Real” is certainly a return to form when comparing it to “Stay Dangerous”. 

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  • Top 5 Rap Website

    The second half of 4REAL 4 REAL saves and carries the album, and gives listeners the YG & Mustard vibes we crave so much. 

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  • Patreon

    Okay, this was better than I expected - not precisely great, but still good. 

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  • Clonefluence

    Overall, this album was worth the wait. This was YG at his most inspired and he elevated to a higher level with the album. 

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  • Hit Music

    Although there are more than a few exemplary moments on 4REAL 4REAL, it is still among the weakest YG’s studio albums to date. 

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  • Stereo Vision

    Though not his best work, the west coast legend came through with a few great songs that will echo down the streets of LA till the end of the summer and beyond.  

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  • Legit

    4REAL 4REAL is full of hits. 

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